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The Guide to Accessing Talent and Building Better Workforces

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The Guide to Accessing Talent and Building Better Workforces provides you with insight into what the best-in-class companies are doing to attract and retain top-tier talent in the candidate-driven market.

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The Labor Market Review provides you with insight into the ebbs and flows in the jobs market and a breakdown of hard to fill, in-demand jobs around the country.

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Managed service programs are no longer only for the big players. Now, small and mid-size companies are taking advantage of the scalable abilities of an MSP to manage their contingent workforces, controlling costs, and enhancing visibility across the board.

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Once only tools for large companies, MSP and VMS programs have become heavily relied upon by small and mid-size companies. In this whitepaper, discover the benefits of outsourcing your contingent labor management.

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Facing the task of picking a vendor management system to manage your contingent workforce can be a laundry list of acronyms insider terminology, but in our Your Perfect Fit  white paper, we break down the different offerings available to you.

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A lot of conversations are being had about what constitutes an independent contractor. From court rulings, and new policy, the ideas of an IC are constantly changing. In this white paper learn the truths and myths about what an IC really is, and methods for managing these relationships.

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