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No matter how hard you work, your workforce isn’t going to reach the next level based on effort alone. You need workforce automation that’s in tune with your specific needs. You need Superior’s award-winning Work Nexus technology-a completely configurable vendor management system that we build from scratch to best suit your unique business processes.

Work Nexus can be leveraged to complement one of our managed service programs or as a standalone. As a fully-enabled web application, Work Nexus allows you to view requisitions, view candidates, and approve timesheets from anywhere there’s an internet connection, -including from the convenience of your smartphone. The system is also able streamline not only the contingent labor processes, but also independent contractor and SOW spend.

Superior can configure our VMS to meet your company’s unique business processes and workflows. Instead of using the same pre-existing template for every customer, each of our clients receives a personalized deployment that matches their company’s needs and nuances. From Fortune 500 firms to government clients, a wide range of industries are all benefitting from Superior’s proprietary VMS-by leveraging its company-tailored system.

Work Nexus offers staffing contingent labor cost savings to our customers by

  • Reducing customer time investment and administrative burden
  • Reducing attrition/training costs through an optimized hiring process and contractor performance tracking
  • SLAs result in reduced cycle times and improved supplier effectiveness
  • Allowing electronic timekeeping and invoicing, and improved supplier payment

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