VMS Contingent Labor

When looking at a box of puzzle pieces, there is no clear cut way to produce a finished product. A user has to move pieces around, examine similar looking shapes, and use a trial/error methodology. Human Resource departments take similar approaches when managing contingent labor through automated systems.

When things don’t go as planned, because processes and people often don’t mix seamlessly, there are solutions for making contingent worker oversight easier. These systems provide readily accessible data for usage and spend data.

At Superior, we’ve developed a proprietary tool called Work Nexus, which brings all of the “pieces” together. Control and flexibility were the foundation upon which our Work Nexus architects built our proprietary VMS back in 1998. Today, Work Nexus brings these principles not only to contingent labor, but also to independent contractor and SOW vendor management, harmonizing wide-ranging productivity channels on behalf of our customers’ HR and Procurement staffs.

Work Nexus offers control over processes including:

  • Job Requisition Approval and Issuance
  • Candidate Review and Selection
  • Worker Management, including Time and Expense Approval
  • Staffing Supplier Performance
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence

We’ve found that flexibility is key to program success on many levels. We maintain our flexibility long after an implementation is complete. We also continually identify opportunities for system enhancement throughout the lives of our programs.

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