Vendor Managed Services

Every staffing supplier relationship is nuanced and, when your company requires the support of many vendors, the management burden grows exponentially.

It helps to have an expert in the field, one with decades of experience getting the most out of staffing suppliers and holding them accountable for their results.

One component of our managed service programs (MSPs) focuses on aligning, managing, and auditing suppliers. Within these vendor managed services, Superior serves as the intermediary between your company and its contingent labor vendors, streamlining the workforce lifecycle and reducing your internal management burdens.

As Superior handles all aspects of vendor management, we assume the role as ambassador for your company and your best interests become our main concern. Superior will:

  • Manage contract execution and monitoring
  • Oversee contingent worker pay effectiveness and compliance
  • Ensure compliance with customer-required candidate screening
  • Ensure compliance with contractual insurance requirements
  • Confirm that candidates are eligible for placement
  • Track compliance of required contingent worker forms and acknowledgments
  • Manage termination, exit interviews and logging of re-hire eligibility
  • Resolve payroll and billing issues
  • Prepare required reports
  • Evaluate, select, manage, and audit suppliers, with customer input
  • Ensure compliance with the Supplier Agreement and customer policies
  • Provide master billing and master supplier remittance.

Within the majority of our programs, suppliers are audited quarterly, at a minimum.  In addition, if information becomes available which indicates that a supplier may not be in compliance with Program requirements, audits can be implemented immediately.

As an additional program benefit, Superior maintains a fully vetted vendor network of more than 500 suppliers that support all job categories. We can recommend vendors from this base where warranted to fill project needs, skill sets, or geographic coverage gaps.

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