Temporary Staffing in Boston

Boston is the largest (and most recognizable) city in the state of Massachusetts.

With a combined commuting population of more than 7.6 million, the region is home to the Boston Tea Party and the backdrop for some of the country’s most revered educational institutions.

In addition to being one the most important meccas of cultural history and innovation, Boston is also home to one of Superior Group’s regional recruiting centers.

Our temporary staffing services enable companies to fill short-term needs with qualified employees. Our partners rely on Superior Group to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements, and reduce workforces during slow periods.  Hiring individuals on a contract basis allows companies to maintain proper staff levels and retain the talent available today, while reducing employee-related costs.

We have learned that by tailoring our solutions to meet the needs of those we serve, we can best drive results that elevate our partnering organizations. Our honest and ethical approach has allowed us not only to grow our businesses, but also to maintain one of the most dynamic staffs in the industry.

Our regional recruiting center specialists will work tirelessly with your organization to match qualified candidates across a wide range of job disciplines.  No matter the position, job title, or industry, our recruiters Go Beyond to aid in creating flexible, self-motivated workforces.

If you would like to speak with Superior Group about our temporary staffing services, please email or call our Boston office toll free at (781) 933-4095.

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