Temp-to-Direct Services

Get to know your talent before committing to a long-term, direct relationship.

For wide-ranging reasons, making optimal hiring decisions is often challenging. Sometimes the skills that will be critical for the job aren’t perfectly clear. Sometimes there isn’t time to fully vet every resume that comes through HR’s door, leaving potentially stellar candidates out of the running. And more often, a candidate’s particular work style and attitude doesn’t ultimately align with your company culture.

But you can engage talent in a different way. Allow Superior to source and screen a resource for you and deploy them as a contract employee. With our temp-to-direct services, we set a schedule for conversion to direct status, assuring the resource that they’re on the road to direct employment and providing you with the peace of mind that comes when you’ve made the right match for your company.

Why Superior?

Productivity peaks when you have the right resources are aligned and engaged in their work. Superior’s temp-to-direct service empower your workforce and save you money:

  • Try before you buy. Training and retraining costs are expensive. Onboard talent as direct employees only after you’ve fully vetted capabilities and cultural match.
  • Reduced administrative burdens. Temp-to-direct employees are sourced by and aligned under Superior, freeing up your teams to focus elsewhere.
  • Cost savings. Competitive rates save you money.

Contact us about temp-to-direct services.

Take some of the risk out of your long-term hiring decisions by engaging resources as contract employees first.  We’re here to help.