Staff Augmentation

At Superior Group, staff augmentation is a service opportunity to provide partner organizations with top-level talent that will take their organization to the next level.

Staff augmentation is a trade skill used by staffing firms to increase an existing team’s workforce with the hopes of driving operational efficiencies and minimizing cost increases by expertly matching an individual’s skillset to a particular business engagement. Superior Group works to stem the tide of rising overhead costs and minimize business disruptions.

Our regional recruiting centers have specialists that rapidly match qualified candidates with positions across a wide range of job disciplines.  No matter the position, job title, or industry, our corporate recruiters Go Beyond in creating flexible, self-motivated workforces.

We offer the following staff augmentation services:

In the end, Superior Group understands that matching a candidate to a job opportunity is more than just a singular experience. It requires a deep understanding of a client’s needs and industries, and marrying those elements to a candidate’s unique abilities.

Superior Group’s staffing expertise extends to the following industries:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Applied technology
  • Finance and banking
  • Customer service
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Industrial

If you would like to speak with Superior about how we can improve your talent pipeline, please email or call us toll free at (800) 568-8310.

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