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Historically, placement agencies were known for placing individuals in a permanent position, and were frequently known as “headhunters.”

Today, Superior has altered that perception and now focuses on three types of placements:

  • Temporary
  • Direct
  • Executive/C-Suite Level

In the temporary placement category, Superior sources thousands of candidates for a variety of positions in nearly every job discipline—including accounting, administrative, clerical, design/drafting, engineering, financial, IT, light industrial, and professional.

For our customers seeking direct hires, Superior will submit qualified, prescreened and tested applicants, and offers employment duration guarantees as a commitment to our customer service.

Finally, our National Direct Placement Teams are skilled at finding passive jobseekers for senior level positions. These positions oftentimes require a more methodical recruitment strategy, as these candidates are not typically posting to job boards or actively submitting resumes.

If you would like to speak with one of our recruitment subject matter experts, please email or call us toll free at (800) 568-8310.

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