Payroll Services Houston

Houston is a main driver of the U.S. economy and is the fourth largest city in the country.

Professional business processes, trade services, transportation and utilities, and manufacturing verticals are all key sectors that contribute to the year-over-year growth of the region. Superior is helps Houston businesses manage workforces in various ways, including staffing and payroll services.

With payroll services, Superior deploys individuals at Houston worksites on a contingent basis. Because of the low overhead costs, customers are able to hire employees on a temporary basis and benefit from sizeable savings.

Cost Savings
When Superior provides payroll services, we do not incur recruiting or advertising costs. We pass the savings on to our customers by offering the services of payroll employees at reduced markup rates.

Insulation from Co-Employment Issues
Because all payroll personnel are employees of Superior, our customers are better insulated from potential co-employment problems. Our payroll services program solidifies employment relationships and eliminates confusion regarding the contract employee’s actual employer.

Superior ensures that all of our payroll personnel understand that their employment is strictly “at will.” Superior can terminate employment at any time at the request of our customers. Further, our contract employees understand that they provide services under the control and supervision of our customers.

Assumption of Statutory Payroll Liabilities
Superior requires its payroll employees to complete and sign both a W-4 Form and Form I-9 prior to commencing employment. We assume full responsibility for withholding all applicable federal and state payroll obligations.

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