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The sun shines on Phoenix, AZ for 85% of its daylight hours — and that means the sunny spotlight is nearly always on Phoenix’s talent!

Companies often have their eyes on specific candidates for their open positions. When a Phoenix-based employer wishes to rapidly align one of these candidates, Superior’s payrolling services allow them to do so quickly and efficiently. Our payrolling services are particularly effective when a company seeks to align a candidate for a “try-before-you-buy” period or for a limited engagement. Superior hires these payrollees as W-2 employees and deploys them to work onsite on behalf of our customers as temporary/contract workers.

Benefits of Superior’s payrolling services include:

  • Savings – Superior doesn’t incur recruiting costs in its provision of payrolling services, and passes along these savings to its customers.  What’s more, the total costs of payrolling services are significantly less than the costs of directly hiring a new W-2 employee, making these our services ideal for organizations looking to save money while simultaneously enhancing productivity.
  • Administration – As with all temporary/contract workers, day-to-day management of work remains the responsibility of the customer; this affords your organization total control of work product.  However, employer/employee process, documentation and taxation responsibilities are held by Superior, relieving your staff to focus on core business concerns.
  • Trial Periods – Employees’ skill sets vary, not only between individuals, but also over an individual’s career.  Resumes and screenings provide some information on a candidate’s core competencies, but they do not paint a full picture.  Through Superior’s payrolling services, customers are able to deploy resources for trial periods to verify true capabilities and potential.
  • Easy Conversions – Converting a payrollee to a direct employee of your organization is as painless as it gets.  Once you are satisfied with the individual’s work and aptitude, you may convert them to a direct resource at no cost.

Contact Superior’s Phoenix staff to learn more about our local payrolling services offerings via email or phone at (602) 220-0877.

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