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Founded in 1630 and serving as a trading hub for hundreds of years, the Boston, MA market has seen its fair share of talented people.

Today, it is one of the steadiest city centers in the country, with an economy that supports approximately 1.5 million jobs. As such, it is a hotbed of talent and career-minded individuals.

Boston companies also understand that, in order to enhance productivity and grow, access to top talent is critical.  Often, they even have the right resources in mind.  After all, Boston is a city steeped in tradition and interpersonal ties.  People know people.  And so, when an employer has selected a candidate and wishes to rapidly align him or her for a temporary project or on a trial basis, there is no more appropriate way to do so than through Superior’s leading-edge payrolling services.

What exactly are payrolling services?  When a company has identified a potential resource for work onsite at its facilities, but wishes to align the individual for a provisional run or for a limited project, they often engage a third party provider like Superior to hire the resource as a W-2 employee and provide him or her as a temporary or contract worker.  The benefits of this model include:

  • Cost Savings – Superior’s payrolling services are provided at a significant savings to our customers, as we are not subject to recruiting costs.  Also, the costs of our service are less than those incurred by our customers when they simply hire the resources themselves.
  • Reduced Administrative Burdens – While day-to-day work performance is still managed by customer stakeholders-as it is with all contract labor, affording control over output-Superior maintains the employer/employee relationship and is responsible for all payroll tax liabilities and documentation.
  • Try-before-you-buy – Customers are able to review resources’ true capabilities on the job, prior to making a full-time hiring decision.  This allows for the rapid integration of top talent, and the seamless offboarding of unsuitable matches.
  • No Cost Conversions – Because Superior incurs no recruiting costs in the provision of payrolled resources, our customers are free to convert them to full-time, W-2 employees of their organizations at any time and at no charge.

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