Taking the Costs and Headaches Out of Contingent Workforces

“What are payrolling services?” you might ask. Payrolling occurs when your company would like to fill a contract or temporary assignment with an already-identified resource.  This differs from staffing agencies’ “recruiting services” in that the individual to be onboarded is already known, and the agency does not need to source candidates.

It’s a concept that we’ve employed on both large and small scales to great effect for some of the world’s largest companies. Through payrolling, our organization removes from customers the burdens of employment paperwork, onboarding and payroll management, and employment law compliance monitoring.

The Benefits


The payrollee’s employer of record carries the compliance load, which includes managing proper tax withholdings and adherence to Federal and State laws surrounding healthcare and a host of other regulatory headaches.

Cost Savings

Payrolling amplifies the benefits of temporary employment.  When you know who you’d like to deploy, Superior removes recruiting costs from its pricing structures to save you even more money.

Manager Happiness

Access to known talent and productivity are key concerns for managers, and payrolling seamlessly facilitates both, while also unburdening departmental budgets. It also allows stakeholders to focus on core business concerns.

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