Contingent Workforce Program

Contingent workforce management isn’t easy, especially with the expanding definition of “contingent.”

Gone are the days that a contingent workforce was made up solely of temporary or contract employees. Today’s forward-thinking companies have realized that many of the systems and processes employed for these types of resources also transfer to independent contractors, SOW vendors, and small suppliers. So the definition has expanded to capture these resource types and, with that, effective contingent workforce programs must adapt-they must evolve.

Superior has been providing managed service programs (MSPs) to facilitate contingent workforce administration since the early ’90s. Our first such programs relied on manual processes, as did most during that time. We were focused on laying the foundational process elements that would boost productivity, cost savings, and lifecycle efficiencies. Because we had been in the industry since 1957, we had a leg up on competitors entering the market solely to capitalize on this contingent worker-specific offshoot of supply chain management.

In 1998, Superior released Work Nexus, our proprietary, web-based vendor management system-to automate contingent workforce programs and drive additional efficiencies around:

  • Job order development, release, and management
  • Job applicant interactions and selection
  • Contingent worker administration, such as time and expense approvals, onboarding, and offboarding
  • Supplier negotiations, contractual alignment, and day-to-day management
  • Value-add reporting

These same foundational elements exist in our programs today, but they have evolved. Superior’s Work Nexus-enabled MSPs streamline the management not only of temporary employees, but also of independent contractors, SOW vendors, and small suppliers. Our systems and tools help HR and Procurement teams around the world gain control over what can be unruly processes, and gain visibility into spend in order to make sound business decisions.

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