Contingent Workforce Management

Managing a small workforce is a difficult duty entailing many administrative burdens for the HR professional who is trying to keep all of these moving parts in order. For the HR professional, effective applications and processes make this management a far easier task.  For an HR procurement officer who oversees a growing number of contingent laborers these processes and systems provide ease of use, ease of administration, and ease of on-boarding and off-boarding.

Each company has its own needs, characteristics, and culture that vary from others and here at Superior Group, we have developed the tools and processes that are molded after your own needs and processes to enable all of your possibilities. These customizable systems and processes allow HR teams to thrive, particularly when it comes to contingent workforce management. Here are just a few of the highlighted processes:

  • Controlled costs
  • Request management
  • Recruitment processing
  • Contingent labor oversight and control
  • Supplier oversight
  • Reporting and management metrics

In 1998, Superior developed Work Nexus, which became the workforce management system that integrates Superior with its clients. This system is not just focused on processes, but inputs industry-leading practices in place to support our customer’s existing processes. This has resulted in:

  • Diminished administrative burdens
  • Increased efficiency
  • Tailor-made strategy
  • Continuous platform improvements
  • Client-specific results and agreement governance

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