Contingent Labor Management

All businesses are made of many components, and as companies grow, components are added to augment the existing structure.

While all growth is good, it becomes more and more of an administrative duty to ensure that these parts work together efficiently. This is where HR managers play an increased role. An HR manager, like all employees, needs tools to do his/her job effectively. These added tools make the life of an HR administrator easy, and allows for them to manage a large growing contingent workforce with increased efficiency.

In these cases a tool is required for the HR professional to effectively administer a contingent labor force. Superior group has found that maintaining an agile platform is essential for business success. This  format is used to great effect in HR and recruiting pursuits, and particularly in contingent labor management. The techniques involved are many and augment your existing system through:

  • Cost oversight
  • Appropriations administration
  • Applicant handling
  • Contingent labor oversight, assimilation, offloading
  • Agreement oversight and recounting

In 1998, Superior designed a vehicle to target these areas. It became the goal of the company to produce a system that would handle the various aspects of contingent labor management, and not just the process. Realizing that each company is different, Superior decided not to impose our systems into our customer’s process, but to build our system around their needs. The result was Work Nexus, and a system of custom-fit processes tailored to individual client needs. The outcome:

  • Reduction in administrative burden
  • Increased production
  • Custom implementation schemes
  • Recurring updates of implementations
  • Individualized results and management

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