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Superior Group Takes Home Baker’s Dozen

Last week, our team attended the 2017 HRO Today Forum in Chicago, Illinois where they learned about the latest industry developments, heard from inspiring speakers and celebrated the top talent acquisition leaders. While we were there, we were very excited to learn that we were recognized by the HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen list for the fifth consecutive time! 

The MSP Baker’s Dozen list is a ranking of the top Managed Service Program providers in the HR industry and is determined by feedback from customer satisfaction surveys that evaluate three key areas: breadth of service, size of deals, and quality of service. The results are then calculated based on an algorithm that weighs questions and categories in relation to levels of importance.

“We are honored to be recognized by HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen list for the fifth time,” said Lynne Marie Finn, President and CEO of Superior Workforce Solutions, a member of Superior Group.  “Ensuring that our customers see real results from our Managed Service Programs is of utmost importance to us and this recognition reflects the team’s commitment to finding the best solutions for our customers’ needs.”

See the full press release here: 


5 Podcasts to Listen to While Traveling

Whether you are traveling for business or, to get away from business, getting through the monotony of airport layovers, long drives, or standard economy seats can be a bit irksome. Luckily, in the 21st century we all have mobile devices to distract ourselves.

If you’re looking to entertain yourself, and haven’t tuned in before, one of the most popular mediums broadcast through smartphones and mobile devices is the podcast. Podcasts, to put it simply, are downloadable radio shows that you can listen to at your leisure.

We’ve assembled a list of podcasts to which we are listening that have topics ranging from mystery to entrepreneurship. If you enjoy a good who-done-it, or want to get in on the life of a startup, we have some suggestions for you.


In 2014, the show Serial was released and soon became an internet phenomenon on par with Netflix’s Making a Murderer. The story centers on a young man who had been convicted of killing his high school ex-girlfriend in 1999. This is a can’t-miss podcast that is perfect for anyone who enjoys a murder mystery mixed with solid detective work.

This podcast will bring out the Sherlock Holmes in anyone. If you need any help on theories, thousands of Reddit forums are dedicated to new clues and theories.


Ever want to experience the startup life firsthand? This is the podcast for you. The man who brought you Planet Money and This American Life, Alex Blumberg, takes you into the world of startups by recording his experience of starting a podcast network. He pitches investors and goes through the stressful grind of leaving a comfortable life to start his own business, and it isn’t as glamorous as many people play it up to be.

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, this podcast is for you.

Mystery Show

This podcast only goes one season, but it’s exactly as described: a show about mysteries. Starlee Kine, another alum of This American Life, seeks out to solve real mysteries on each and every episode. Now they aren’t as large scale as Serial or Making a Murderer, but these small-scale mysteries are no less entertaining. One episode goes into tracking down a family heirloom belt buckle to its original owner, and the story behind it. Another features a mystery that has left someone asking questions for over twenty years.

If you enjoy amazing stories about everyday life, this is for you.

The Ask Gary Audio Experience

If you haven’t been introduced to the master of modern media, Gary Vaynerchuk, then buckle in. Gary is a serial entrepreneur who launched his parents’ liquor store into an online empire through the power of digital content. Now, Gary is one of the most recognized faces in marketing and is the owner of Vayner Media. Gary’s podcast focuses on everything from building a business, to creating amazing content. Be warned though, Gary is not suitable for children.

Listeners who enjoy entrepreneurship and marketing will love this podcast.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Remember those boring history classes in your college’s lecture halls? Dan Carlin flips those on their head with his dialectic view. These podcasts will change the way you see historical events through Dan’s exciting narrative style and extensive background research. Topics range from Genghis Khan, to the proliferation of nuclear weapons during the Cold War. This is not your average boring lecture.

This podcast is perfect for anyone who loves history, and wants to win games of Trivial Pursuit.


3 Proven Strategies to Recruit Top Talent

3 Proven Strategies Top Companies Use to Recruit Top Talent

Recruiting talent is a priority for any organization in a tight labor market. From manufacturing to information technology, the demand for skilled employees is at an all-time high, and companies need intelligent strategies to attract value-add candidates.

On average, companies lose $14,000 for every job that remains open for three months and they face compounding losses with every open position, as numerous resources become dedicated to picking up the slack, or working fill the position.

However, not all companies can dedicate a team to recruitment, and candidates in demand often field multiple offers. This is especially true as the labor market has become more competitive in the economic recovery. Since this upturn has made competing for talent more difficult, best-in-class companies have elected to use both new and tested strategies to find, attract, and onboard the talent they need to fill gaps in their workforce.

If you’d like to attract talent to your organization, it’s critical to understand strategies that can help bolster your company’s recruiting and improve your goals.

Build Your Employer Brand
In today’s age, “social media” is just another term for the current state of the internet. As people of all ages consume the majority of their content from their social media pages and feeds, employers have an unprecedented opportunity to build a candidate experience for their brands by establishing a relevant social presence—that mixes a healthy dose of useful content with personality.

Knowing that candidates use social media to understand and assess organizational cultures, 40% of best-in-class companies have turned to social tools to strengthen their digital brands. It’s free PR, and an easy way to reach a diverse talent pool without investing major dollars.

Develop Your Employee Networks

In today’s world, there are few degrees of separation between resources. Often, your current employees can be your best tool for finding that next great hire, and a strong employer brand will help facilitate that hire. That’s why 37% of best-in-class companies are engaging their employees in employee referral programs to funnel qualified candidates to their recruitment teams. By mobilizing your own employee network, many qualified candidates are much closer than most companies would believe.

Engage a Strategic Partner

Ultimately, many companies have specialized needs, and it takes the already overburdened HR departments too long to source candidates who are in high demand and have more competitive offers from other suitors.

By engaging a staffing partner that specializes in recruiting highly-skilled and scarce labor, and one that has access to deep talent pools, organizations can reduce their staffing costs by reining in productivity losses. Staffing partners have already done the legwork of developing their pipelines of candidates and they are able to supply highly-specialized workers quickly.

According to an Aberdeen Group research report, 49% of best-in-class companies engage a strategic staffing partner to help find their needed talent. Not only will a staffing firm provide talent to businesses, but they will also apply trend analysis to forecast future business requirements and talent needs. This approach is extremely helpful when a large percentage of an organization’s workforce is composed of temporary and contingent workers.

Whether you’re a multi-national firm with a total talent management strategy in place, or a small to mid-sized company, everyone needs to bring in quality hires to help build their business. Applying a strategic mix of expert partnerships, employee referrals, and strong employment branding, companies can expect to find the next-level employees they need.








6 Easy Ways to Leverage Social Media to Build a Talent Network

Whether you are a recruiter, a human resources leader, or a hiring manager building a talent network, using social media platforms is vitally important. While originally, social media was exactly that—for social purposes—a majority of people are now using social media to access news, information and for professional reasons. Each month, 106 million people visit LinkedIn, and each day, 40% of those people check their newsfeed. If you are a leader in your company, make it a priority to look at these sites as tools and take steps to build your network to include friends, family, coworkers, industry leaders and competitors (yes!). You will soon find that what you have is a Talent Network that when called on, will produce leads, referrals and some of the best hires.

There are many social media sites, but the most obvious for business use is LinkedIn. Many of the same tactics and philosophy also apply to other social media sites as well.

Having a presence (an account) is the obvious first step.  But it takes more than just an account…you have to use it with a purpose! Here are some important things to ensure you make the most of your social media presence:

Make sure your profile is updated and professional
It seems obvious, but many people struggle to have relevant content on their own profiles. Have an updated profile including an updated picture. The selfie in your car five years ago isn’t going to cut it! A suit is not required…but take a pic that is reflective of you and the industry in which you work. Having a professional LinkedIn photo makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed.

Make your page about the candidate
As a recruiter, don’t waste your time taking the, “me, me, me,” approach to building your profile. Focus the language on your profile to illustrate your ability to help others find their next career. They are looking at your profile to see how you will help them, not the other way around.

Curate and share engaging content
Join groups related to your interests and the industry in which you work. By doing this, you can stay engaged with trending and current topics within your industry. This also gives you the perfect place to curate relevant and engaging content to share with your peers. According to LinkedIn’s social recruiting guide, successful recruiters shared 2.5x more job posts through LinkedIn vs. unsuccessful recruiters. If you’re looking for a great tool to find content in your industry, try Buzzsumo.

Build on what you have
Sometimes there are very few degrees of separation between you and that next hire. By connecting with friends, coworkers, industry leaders, AND competitors, you will have a wide audience to share content, jobs, and news. While you may not want to share things with your competitors, your next best employee could be from their company!

These platforms also give you the opportunity to continue contact with other applicants you have placed in the past. Keep in touch with talented people; it’s likely they—or someone they know—will be looking in the future.

Have a Schedule
By creating a social media calendar or weekly plan, it becomes a lot easier to distribute original content across your networks. Sometimes it can be difficult to manage multiple social platforms without a schedule or tool. By using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite, users can post to all their networks on a set schedule that helps cadence your content to your audience.

Build Your Employer Brand
36% of successful recruiters and talent executives have strongly communicated their company brand through social media—it’s a great place to give your company culture a place in your strategy. Align your strategies with your marketing team to help push out engaging content across your platforms and build upon the key messaging that goes to your audience. Putting in 1-2 hours per week building branded content can do wonders for your company persona. By doing so, you designate yourself—and your company—as subject-matter experts and trusted sources of information. All of this helps to build authentic engagement that builds relationships.

At the end of the day, social recruitment and talent pipelining is about engagement, and the only way to achieve it is through quality content and authentic social interaction that builds relationships and communities of people. By following the ideas above, you can begin to build the bases of your talent network and leverage social media to attract and retain talent.

If you are not already, I invite you to please connect with me:








Competing for Top-tier Talent


To attract top talent, you must be able to provide candidates with compelling reasons to join your organization. This is most companies’ number one challenge.

In my 20 years in the staffing business, I’ve only had three companies who nailed this at the beginning. And guess what? They were able to attract top talent to their company and their time-to-hire1 was under 45 days.

Let’s take a step back to address this challenge. Top talent often isn’t looking for work, so when they get a call from a recruiter or talent acquisition professional, they need to be sold on why they should consider listening to this job pitch. Many companies want to send the candidate the job description, share the compensation and/or a link to their company website. This is nice—but the reality is most job descriptions are rather vanilla—BS degree, 5 years’ experience, excellent communication skills. Plus, the compensation piece is often what they earn now and the majority of companies’ websites require the candidate to click numerous times to find the information that is of value to them. Both of these steps halt the process as the passive top talent candidate got busy doing other things. So let’s focus on when you get this top talent on the phone—these candidates want to know why they should consider the job and company you’re calling about. Thus, the value of having three compelling reasons.

Why is this so important?

  • Top talent is employed and rarely actively looking
  • Compensation is not the top factor as these individuals are going to be paid well regardless
  • Attracting these individuals is a sales job. You need to sell them that your company has a better upside than their current employer.
  • Your sales pitch MUST change per candidate

Examples of Compelling Reasons:

  • DISRUPTION: You have a product or service that is revolutionizing how something is done.
  • PURPOSE: Why does your company exist? What is the value to its employees and customers?
  • CULTURE: Depending on the generation you are seeking to hire, culture plays a large part in selling the candidate. Below are key items to address:
    • Flexibility: What is your policy? How do you address work/life balance?
    • Social/Environmental Accountability: For millennials in particular, this is very important.
    • Professional Development: Share your training and development philosophy for employees. Do you have an educational reimbursement program?
    • Environment: Do you have areas for lunch, exercise, rest, entertainment, sports? If staff is going to work a long day, how do you accommodate this? Is there an area to blow off steam?
    • Daycare: Do you provide onsite daycare?
  • COMPANY GROWTH: Did you win a new contract or acquire a company in an expanding industry?
  • CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Show a defined career path. Discuss succession planning. Be cautious of having advancement be a higher job title—rather, focus on duties and responsibilities (along with compensation).
  • VOICE: Many jobseekers look for new positions as they feel their voice/opinions are not being heard by their current employer. Share how this is possible at your company.

So, remember. Most top talent is passive, and need to be sold on compelling reasons—which isn’t compensation, a link to a website or a simple job description. Compelling is the key here.

1 Defined as the day the company opened the job requisition to the day the candidate started.


Superior Wins Talent Board Candidate Experience Award


Superior Group was recently recognized as a 2016 North American Candidate Experience Award winner. As one of only 50 winners, the companies chosen underwent a comprehensive evaluation and data analysis process, and were found to have exemplary candidate experiences as defined by the candidates themselves.

Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and benchmark research of a quality candidate experience, led the evaluation process. The 2016 North American CandE Awards set a new program record, as 240 employers from around the globe put their recruiting and hiring processes to the test, and over 183,000 job seekers shared their thoughts and experiences as candidates.

The 50 winning companies were identified through a blind data analysis based on their candidate survey scores. Focused on the candidates’ direct responses to “likely to apply again,” “likely to refer a friend” and overall ratings, the scoring created value ranking for systematically identifying the strongest companies and ultimately, this year’s winners.

To qualify, each company had to commit to a statistically significant candidate response, and the proportion of respondents not hired also had to exceed a set standard. No other candidate experience research effort meets these strict standards.
Among the 50 winners were notable companies including General Electric, LEGO, Facebook, and many more.

“Superior is proud to be considered by our candidates as one of the top recruiting experiences in the country,” said Brian Christel, President of Superior Talent Resources. “Our candidates are our number one brand ambassadors, and it has always been our goal to provide a job search experience that empowers our candidates to obtain the jobs they need—and one that leaves a lasting impression of our brand.”


How to Go Beyond Salary and Attract Talent for the Future

Recently, one of our recruiters was on the phone with a seasoned candidate, discussing a lucrative high paying opportunity in Southern California.  The conversation was going great—until the discussion came around to the name of the client.  Once he found out the name of the company, the candidate said, “Oh!  It’s with XYZ company!  I wouldn’t work there if you paid me $400/hr!  I have heard nothing but terrible things about that place!”

We could have paid the candidate more than what he is making currently, offered him better benefits, etc., but he wouldn’t hear it.  The company’s reputation in the talent community ended the conversation before the recruiting could ever really start.

Word travels fast today with social media and online review sites at the forefront. Sites such as Glassdoor readily list thoughts, gripes and comments from employees for anyone to see.  In 2016, a company is more challenged than ever to create an internal and external image that will attract and not repel talent.

There is hope!  While maintaining your company’s image on social media and the internet can be a challenge, it also opens an opportunity for a company to create and foster a brand that attracts talent.  Here are some best practices and ideas to create an environment where you can not only compete for top talent—top talent will be competing to come work for you!

  • Create a company mission that people can align with and get behind, and work on an online brand and social media presence that candidates can find and align with. Employees like to be a part of something great. Create a brand out of that mission and watch the talent come to you.
  • Align your recruitment process with the company’s mission and drive candidate engagement. With so much competition in the job market, companies need to drive candidate engagement and keep them “hooked” early on in the process; otherwise, you will lose their attention to another opportunity.
  • Create a culture that promotes creativity, inclusion and balance. Micromanagement and forcing people to work 60 hours a week is not what employees today are going to align with—and they’ll note that when speaking with others outside of the company.  They are looking for flexibility.   Give them flexibility and balance and you may find that they work 60 hours a week without you even asking!
  • Today’s workforce wants challenge and knowing that once they achieve the current hurdle, the next challenge will be waiting. Furthermore, they want to know there will be opportunity to advance within the company in a short amount of time.   And remember, advancement doesn’t need to be a promotion; often, candidates are looking for lateral moves that will broaden their experience and exposure within the company.
  • And finally, turn your employees into your brand ambassadors and they will help drive the talent community to you through their own personal and social networks. In today’s labor market, a company must use every resource at its disposal to attract talent and no one is more convincing at telling “why come work at XYZ company” than the happy talented people you already have working for you!

Superior Workforce Solutions’ President Named to Power 100

October 31, 2016 – Lynne Marie Finn, President & CEO of Superior Workforce Solutions, Inc., has once again made Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2016 Global Power 100 – Women in Staffing list. This list represents the 100 most influential women in the North American and European staffing industries, and highlights those women who have made a difference in the workforce solutions sector.

 “They are not all CEOs, but they are all trailblazers who have evolved business models, made changes and led their firms to profitability,” Subadhra Sriram, publisher & editor, media products, at Staffing Industry Analysts, writes in Staffing Industry Review magazine. “The good news is that their numbers are growing. And advances are being made on different fronts.”

Finn is one of only 50 women from North America featured in this publication.


Superior Talent India Attends SHRM India


Last week, Superior Talent India attended the Fifth Annual SHRM Conference and Exposition in New Delhi. This year’s theme was Dare—pushing yourself to the edge and taking the next big leap to experience an overwhelming journey. 

Superior was proud to be an associate partner for the event that showcased the skills and services provided with USPs. More than 70 global speakers and 1,000 delegates from 450+ organizations attended the two-day event.  In addition to networking, the event featured numerous breakout sessions that focused on HR growth, brand building and digital marketing.

“We were happy to expand our global outreach through our attendance at SHRM,” said Navin Gautham P., Country Manager, India Operations. “We received a great number of booth attendees who were excited to learn about our international presence along with learning ourselves about the latest industry trends to update our customers.”

Superior Talent India is globally aligned through the Superior Group of companies, and delivers a full suite of comprehensive talent services to leading companies in India.



Superior Takes Digital Marketing Award at Digital Rochester’s Great Awards

Last week, Superior Group took home top honors from Digital Rochester in the Digital Marketing Category. This award recognizes the best use of Digital Marketing to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through digital technologies.

“We’re honored to have our digital marketing efforts be recognized by such an important organization and community,” said Frank Gullo, Director of Digital and Mobile Strategy for Superior Group. “We have recently implemented numerous innovative online campaigns across the country to target job seekers and our efforts have paid off—with job seekers, our recruiters, and now Digital Rochester.”

The GREAT Awards are held annually to recognize and celebrate the Greater Rochester community’s entrepreneurial spirit in technological achievement for advancing commerce and resource conservation.


Frank Gullo, Director of Digital and Mobile Strategy (Bottom Left)