Looking to have a 5-Star Uber rating? Consider a career in sales.

Shannon Callahan, an Account Executive in our Buffalo office, correlates her Uber rating success with her career in sales.

Many of us compare our Uber ratings to those of friends. I’m always proud to announce that I’ve retained my 5-star rating even after significant Uber use. Inevitably, someone will sarcastically ask if I’ve even really used the app. I’m even prouder still to scroll through “Your Trips,” a section highlighting rides of different lengths and within various cities, to prove that I am a frequent rider.

Although not rocket science, retaining your 5-star rating does necessitate thought and specific behaviors. To retain mine, I implement the same procedures I utilize in sales meetings. These five examples can help you connect with others, both in business practice and social situations.

  1. Promptness. In sales, meeting times and locations are determined in advance. You know both when and where you need to be. Promptness is important. If it looks as if I will be late, I quickly send an email explaining my delay, how long I will need, and to inquire whether their schedule will allow for the delay. When using Uber, I can see when my driver is on the way, and when he or she will arrive. I am typically standing outside when the driver arrives at my pick-up zone. If, by chance, I am going to be late, I will send a message to my driver explaining that I will be out in X number of minutes, the same as I would for a sales meeting.
  1. Assessing your surrounding environment. When arriving for a meeting, I search for relatable items to use to inspire conversation. Jerseys, diplomas, or vacation photos can be used as conversation topics. The same works during an Uber ride. Before entering the car, I check for bumper stickers. Once inside, I glance around for other interesting themes. These could include their choice of music, various items lying throughout the car, or their cell phone. Finding common ground is the key to connecting with another person.
  1. Reading your audience. Work meetings have taught me to intuit when someone is looking for a quick catch-up or to connect with a longer conversation. This allows me to read my Uber driver’s mood and decide whether they are interested in conversation or looking for a silent ride. It’s a good idea to remain open to either.
  1. Creating a game plan. Before sales meetings with team members, we prepare and discuss who will speak about which topic and determine the meeting’s overall goal. During a group Uber ride, we should all be on the same page. If my team member isn’t prepared, they won’t join the meeting. If my friend isn’t in the correct state of mind on a Saturday night, they will not be joining me in the ride. We can use their Uber account, but I will not allow their poor behavior to affect my rating.
  1. Follow Up. After each meeting, I send handwritten thank you cards as an extra touch point between an email and a contract, keeping communication lines open. Similar to how I follow up with potential clients, I understand the appreciation for timely Uber feedback and remember to rate my Uber drivers immediately following my ride.

Courtesy, consideration, and personal interest go a long way towards connecting with business contacts. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, education, or any number of careers, Uber rides serve as terrific reminders of modern politesse and methods with which to spark a conversation.


On The Green: Happy Earth Day!

The mission of Earth Day is to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide. More than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance on—well, on Earth!

In honor of April 22nd, Superior Group is pleased to share details of our continued commitment to the environment. We understand that our business operations directly impact the sustainability of our ecological resources and, ultimately, the world our children will inherit. Each day we strive to refine the way we reduce, reuse, and recycle. The demand for sustainability is now affecting even the smallest of businesses and, thankfully, technology allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize waste, and increase our efficiency.

Below are few of the ways in which we support this immeasurably important cause:


  • Purchases from multiple divisions are consolidated, decreasing delivery trips and paper waste from boxes and other packaging materials.
  • All orders are completed online, eliminating the need for catalogs.
  • We are enrolled in an ink and toner recycling program.
  • Preferred products are of a recycled material, responsibly sourced.

Waste Reduction

We have made many improvements to our corporate headquarters—including extensive updates to our heating, electrical, and water systems—which help to lower utilities and previously unavoidable waste. As a company that was once a heavy paper user, we now utilize Iron Mountain for the shredding and recycling of paper waste. We also decided to revamp our recruiting process and partnered with eStaff365 to reduce paper waste and storage needs by conducting onboarding electronically.

All restrooms now utilize coreless toilet paper. Motion-sensing paper towel dispensers reduce waste and provide more hygienic facilities. Ultimately, our paper consumables are made from 100% recycled fibers and 100% recyclable, EPA-compliant, and usage reducing.

Within our company kitchen/breakroom, we have provided clear and distinct recycling bins that separate waste from ALL recyclables to ensure employees use the correct disposal bins.

Coffee machines have been replaced with more efficient single cup brewers, reducing coffee waste and using coffee warmers. All coffee and tea packs are fully recyclable. Our hope is that this not only better serves the environment, but also improves employee experience.

We hope that everyone had an amazing Earth Day, and we encourage a shared commitment to our environment, whether in business practices or our communities. The health of our planet depends on each of us!


Superior Group Visits Hope Lodge

In an effort to assist cancer, trauma and transplant patients receiving active treatment, several members of our Superior Group staff offered their support at the American Cancer Society’s B. Thomas Galisano Hope Lodge located in Rochester, NY.

The Hope Lodge Hospitality House offers free or low-cost lodging for cancer, trauma and organ transplant patients and their caregivers, who travel upwards of an hour to receive necessary treatment. Throughout the stay, the Hope Lodge attempts to aid in the guests healing process through a variety of wellness and support programs, all while lowering the financial burden brought by mounting medical bills.

During their visit, staff members purchased, prepared, and served meals to guests and their families currently staying in rooms provided by the Hope Lodge. They also took the time to sit and chat with some of the patients to provide some additional words of encouragement.

“It was an amazing experience getting to sit and talk with the residents and patients. They are very thankful that people take the time to come and cook for them. The patients and their families come from all over the United States to stay at a Hope Lodge (there are others located nationally) while they receive treatment,” said Senior Recruitment Specialist, Sonia Caraveo.



2017 Bright Buffalo Niagara Entrepreneur Expo

Five startups will be competing for a $20,000 grand prize at the 2017 Bright Buffalo Niagara Entrepreneur Expo, taking place today at Hotel Henry in Buffalo, NY.

The event features live pitches, both for the $20,000 grand prize and a $5,000 People’s Choice Award, a trade show providing the participating companies the opportunity to showcase their ideas and meet with potential mentors and investors, and keynote speaker Frans Johansson, renowned innovator and diversity expert.

Superior Group is proud to be a supporter of entrepreneurship in Western New York and is looking forward to participating in today’s event.


Sonoco Awards Superior With Sustainable Achievement Award

Superior Workforce Solutions Recognized by Sonoco for Achievement in Sustainable Business Practices

Sonoco has presented Superior Workforce Solutions, Inc., a Superior Group company, with its 2017 Sustainability Award for achievements in sustainable business practices. Superior Workforce Solutions (Superior) makes a concerted effort to innovate in a manner that both reduces its environmental footprint and enhances its social and community activism.

Today, Superior focuses on generating the highest levels of sustainability by reducing energy usage and resource waste, and by refining facility management practices on an ongoing basis. Since 2010, Superior has reduced its electrical usage by nearly 20%.

To learn more, see the full press release.


The 43North Finals



Superior Group is proud to have been a Silver Sponsor, to the 43North competition, which has been proclaimed as, “The Biggest Business Competition on the Planet.”

With the 7,000 applications whittled down to the final 11, the 43North competition came to a close as the $1 million grand-prize was awarded on Thursday night to Tonawanda-based ASi LLC.

The finalists presented throughout the day on Thursday before a panel of judges that included Buffalo Bills co-owner Kim Pegula, the editor of Forbes magazine, and a slew of other nationally recognized venture capitalists.

ASi is an advanced manufacturing company, whose processes produce manufactured metal parts quicker, stronger, and lighter, than traditional processes. Learn more here

The event was not only a tribute to these 11 fantastic finalists, but to the greater-Buffalo area. Check out this featured video from the event that shows Buffalo’s storied past, and bright future.




Superior to Attend Red, White & You Job Fair in Arlington, TX

Superior Group will be attending the 3rd Annual Hiring Red, White & You! job fair in Arlington, Texas on Thursday, November 13, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM (CST). The event is designed to connect Texas Veterans and their spouses with area employers looking for qualified candidates for a variety of positions.

Superior Recruiting and Staffing specialists will attend the event and be available to discuss local opportunities and offer insight regarding employment and in demand job skills.

Register for the event at




Sing Your ALS Off Karaoke Costume Throwdown


Every 90 Minutes someone is diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), but Superior Group – with our best Journey rendition – believes we can change that.

On Saturday, October 25th, the 90 Foundation is hosting the 2014 Sing Your ALS Off Karaoke Costume Throwdown to benefit ALS Research. Superior Group will be attending the event in Austin to go beyond these terminal diagnoses and help make ALS a treatable and manageable disease.

When: Saturday, October 25th, 8 PM to 12 PM

Where: The Goodnight, 2700 W Anderson Ln #101, Austin, TX, 78757



What Does Go Beyond Mean to You?

As a premier global provider of workforce and outsourcing solutions, Superior is committed to our tagline of Go Beyond when it comes to interactions with our employees, customers, and the community.  Check out our team members thoughts on our corporate tagline.  



Superior Group to Sponsor HR Summit USA

hr summit

On May 15 – 16, 2012, Superior will be an honored sponsor of the 2012 Human Resources Summit being held at the Chateau Elan, in Atlanta, GA.  The event brings together CHROs, EVPs and SVPs of HR to explore industry-related issues essential to organizational effectiveness and how those challenges influence investment priorities.

The goal of the summit is to partner HR executives with solution providers, like Superior, who can offer strategic services with tangible cost benefits.

If you’d like to learn more about the HR Summit, visit the event website at